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Inputs for industrial coding.

BETIM QUÍMICA is proud to have been the first Brazilian company to develop chemical technology in fluids for industrial coding with performance superior to imported products.

Tecnojet develops inks that have specific physico-chemical characteristics that provide maximum performance, controlled consumption and allow perfect operation in all regions of Brazil.

In addition the compatibility with the products supplied by the manufacturers of equipment guarantees the tranquility to the market.

Cleaning Solvents / Diluents & Working Fluids.

  • Complete line of solutions for cleaning and maintenance of coding and rework equipment in coded products.
  • Products formulated with agents that have the function of avoiding the drying of the hoses and parts, as well as reducing the electrical conductivity, thus minimizing failures and infiltrations.
  • The products of this line are formulated from: Water, Methylethylketone, Ethanol, Propanol, Glycol, Naphtha, Methanol, Glycerin.
  • Products developed internally using the methodology based on QFD - Quality Function Deployment.
  • There are more than 200 products, including INKS, and cleaning solutions already developed.
  • Diluent.
  • Working fluids.
  • Make Up's.

The first and most complete line of inputs for coding in Brazil.

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