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Solutions for industrial process.

BETIM QUÍMICA is proud to have been the first Brazilian company to develop and produce chemical technology in vegetable fluids for cutting and forming operations by stamping. Tecnofluid through its own laboratory and through a highly qualified team develops synthetic, biodegradable products that allow to reduce environmental impact and rework in industrial process.

The solutions of the line Tecnofluid, are applicable in several segments among them: auto parts, mining, iron and steel, metallurgy, logistics, civil construction, cement, rubber industry and foam.

We can highlight fluids of the most diverse types for cutting and forming operations, mold release agents for rubber, concrete, foam and textile fibers. In addition to a complete line of products for technical cleaning of parts, parts, floors and equipment.

All products are manufactured under a line of approved and certified operational process, the procedures are integrated and guarantee us total traceability of each product delivered to the Market. The Quality Management System is ISO 9001: 2015 certified.

Industrial Lubricant.

  • Metal machining - Complete line of Mineral, Vegetable and Synthetic fluids.
  • Temporary metal protectors - Solvent-based and water-based protectors.
  • Stamping Conformation - Mineral and vegetable based lubricant.

Industrial Cleaners

  • Acids - rust removersAcids - rust removers
  • Neutrals - detergents and soaps
  • Alkaline
  • Special
  • Hand and Arm Cleaning with abrasive

Mold Release

  • Mold release for Foams
  • Mold release Neutrals - Detergents and Soaps
  • Mold release Rubber
  • Mold release Concrete

Special Developments.

  • Proven experience in product development.
  • We make your need a reality, what is your demand?

Tecnofluid, technology in practice making your day easier!

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