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Industrial coding

BETIM CODING is recognized for manufacturing and distributing solutions for identification and tracking of products. We offer a complete line of systems using CIJ technology, a contactless printing method that can use a variety of continuous inkjet inks for printing on virtually any surface.

In Brazil, it represents the Italian brand Zanasi, the only company with control and development of the three inkjet technologies for industrial use:

  • Continous Ink Jet Micro character printing systems.
  • Drop On Demand Large character printing systems.
  • Hi Res High Resolution Printing Systems.

Coding of traceability data in primary packaging.

  • Z3000 Simple and effective / Prints up to 3 lines.
  • Z4500 Tough/ Prints up to 4 lines.
  • Z5000 Performance / Prints up to 5 lines.
  • Z5000 – Z5000 ITS • Motion / Ideal for printing that requires movement in the print head.
  • Z5000 IVS Vision / Lets you check in real time what is being printed.

Variable data coding in ultra high resolution.

  • Z640 Printing on porous substrates.
  • Z640 FDI Printing on non-porous substrates.
  • The equipment consists of a controller, capable of controlling 1 or 2 heads of 50 or 100 mm..
  • The equipment consists of a controller, capable of controlling 1 or 2 50 mm heads.

Encoding in secondary boxes. Great Characters.

  • Z101 Simple and effective.
  • IPrints on 1 line.
  • Z303 Strenght to the test.
  • The equipment consists of a controller that can control 2 head of 7-points or 1 head with up to 96 points.

BC1601i Features and benefits.

  • Touch screen 7”.
  • Self cleaning function.
  • Objective icon makes printing simple.
  • Network functions 8G SD card.

TIJ BC 1901t - Thermal printer with touch screen display.

  • Message editing and authoring.
  • Parameterization. (Speed, delay, etc.)
  • Consumption and estimated cartridge life.
  • Intuitive software.
  • 1D and 2D Barcodes.
  • Adjustable and colorful touch screen display.

Consumables for coding.

  • High Performance Inks and Diluents.
  • Inks for Continuous Inkjet Systems.
  • Inks for DOD Systems.
  • Inks for HD Systems.

Betim Coding, the first and most complete coding line in Brazil.

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