Paranoa case of success

Development, customization and reduction of costs.

PARANOÁ BORRACHAS – Paranoá Borrachas is one of the most traditional and competent suppliers of hoses and systems for the automobile industry in Brazil. Located in the region of ABC Paulista with excellence in the development and manufacture of compounds, extrusion and modeling.

The great growth of the Brazilian automotive segment was accompanied by the select team of Paranoá Borrachas. This growth demanded a local supplier capable of:

  • (1) Logistics availability for Just In Time service.
  • (2) Structure for development and customization according to the demand of the factories.
  • (3) After sales and technological follow-up, able to propose continuous improvement in the manufacturing process.
  • (4) Actual reduction of costs in the products involved in the process.

Betim Química and Paranoá were presented through a common supplier - North American CABOT, the world's largest manufacturer of Carbon Black Structural. At that time Paranoá demanded the development of a national supplier for Rubber Release Agent. Betim Química, until then did not have this product in its portfolio, but had in its DNA modeling of development and customization of chemicals for industry and auto parts.

Our INNOVATION (R & D)team has been working to understand the demands placed by the customer. The product line was born POLY D and MOLDGEL - synthetic release agents for 100% rubber made in Brazil.

The cost reduction was more than 15% when compared to the product previously used. The first product to be developed was for the line of cooling hoses and in the sequence for fuels, air conditioning and power steering. Each one with a specific product aimed at the best degreaser, less scrap in the modeling and lower nominal cost per manufactured piece.

Over these 15 years of supply many process improvements have been implemented and more news is coming out with the third generation of release agents.

Paranoá Borrachas has chosen Betim Química as a supplier of release agents and degreasers and we have consolidated the satisfaction and compliance level above 98% for more than 15 years of uninterrupted supply.

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Synthetic Dismolders Agents for Rubber 100% made in Brazil!

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