MRV case of success

Estimated reduction in 8% of the global cost for acquisition of mold release and delivery in any region of the country.

MRV - Currently, it is consolidated as the largest construction company in Latin America, leader in the construction of construction technology in self-supporting concrete through Concrete Walls. To reach this leadership, MRV has encountered many challenges:

  • 1. Difficulties of environmental licensing.
  • 2. Severity in quality certification in Civil Construction.
  • 3. Shortage of qualified workers
  • 4. Competitive edge of other technologies makes cost management a daily challenge.

Betim Química presents itself as the primary supplier of anti-adherent concrete release agent in the form of rigid aluminum. The solution presented by Betim Química was DESMOLDANTE BQ 1575. Biodegradable product based on vegetable esters.

The product complies with all environmental legislation at the state and federal levels.
(1). The product complies with ABNT Technical Standards certified by an independent laboratory with international accreditation - Falcon Bauer.
(2). Because it is totally odorless and non-irritating to the skin and eyes it reduces the risk of work accidents with operators who have direct contact with the product.
(3). Betim Química presents to MRV an offer of value in which it undertakes to place the product in any region of Brazil, within the established period, in the standards of quality approved and with very competitive prices. We estimate that with the signing of this supply contract, we have reduced the overall cost allocated for the acquisition of Desmoldante by 8%.

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