Hutchinson automotive rubber
case of success

100% national product and full availability.

HUTCHINSON AUTOMOTIVE RUBBER – Belonging to two large groups: Hutchinson which in turn belongs to Total Energy of France.

It has 3 plants in Brazil and more than 20 in the world. Being 1st level supplier of all major car manufacturers brands in the world. Its main production unit in Brazil is the Fábrica de Extrema-MG. Manufacturer of hoses and automotive systems in rubber.

Since the beginning of the operation in Minas Gerais the supply was manufactured outside Brazil, a situation that left the customer shortages due to strikes and paralyzes of federal revenue, as well as price oscillation according to the exchange rate on the day of product internalization.

The HBA has always been recognized for the overall quality of its products and needed:

  • (1) Increase your competitive edge
  • (2) Delete your import dependency

Betim Química, already with a large participation in the market of rubber release agent, presented itself as a primary supplier, with 100% national product and full availability. The nationalization of the product allowed a 20% reduction in nominal cost and after-sales after-sales gains and improvements in the process.

The next step is already in final adjustment phase. The arrival of the 3.0 generation of mold release agents with direct application, generating an expectation of a 10% reduction in the overall cost with mold release and a 15% gain in the modeling process productivity.

HBA has chosen Betim Química as a partner for the supply of release agents and together we are promoting the evolution of the automotive hoses market in Brazil.

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We are promoting together the evolution of the automotive hoses market in Brazil!

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