Aethra Group case of success

Sustainability, continuous replacement, safety and cost reduction.

AETHRA – Aethra Sistemas Automotivos positions itself as one of the 10 largest manufacturers in South America. Being a leading company in the process of renewing the Brazilian automotive industry. Being the vanguard of the renewal process of production technologies has been and is permeated by many challenges. The challenges posed by the customer in the processes of stamping and manufacturing parts and systems were:

  • (1) Materials technology and surface treatment.
  • (2) Logistics.
  • (3) Sustainability and the Environment.
  • (4) Competitiveness and price stability.

Betim Química, since 1995, presented itself to Aethra with a supplier able to meet the demands placed.

Challenge (1): Due to its specialization in manufacturing systems and assemblies for the storage of fuels (tanks) in automobiles, Betim Química has positioned itself as the first manufacturer to offer a synthetic lubricant - aqueous base - for the stamping of fuel tanks , or for gasoline, ethanol, and Flex models.

Challenge (2): Fiat Automobiles' strategy to leverage growth in the late 1990s was to implement Just In Time. Betim Química has established a continuous lubricant replacement channel in the customer's production line, and has maintained a stock of internal inventory security, extending the chain Just in Time from the automaker to the lubricants sub-supplier.

Challenge (3): When we choose to present a 100% Synthetic fluid, vegetal base, with 50% active matter, we deliver to the customer a sustainable product, 25% cheaper, with cleaning agents (Degreasers) demand 40% lower than the defendant for mineral based product. We also had a secondary safety gain as the lubricant when it loses water, gets sticky and does not contaminate the floor, which eliminates the risk of falls and skidding of forklifts.

Challenge (4): The reduction of environmental aspects and impacts by changing the mineral-based chemical matrix (petroleum) by vegetal base. This new scenario led to the suspension of the dangerousness and unhealthiness of the work environment. Nominal reduction of direct and indirect costs (cleaning process).

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